Our People

Our people make the difference

The most critical element to clients’ success is the TSR rep. TSR’s success over the last 16 years is directly attributed to the people we’ve hired…smart, talented, and assertive.


Most of our reps have been here for more than 5 years and many have developed expertise in specific areas like higher education, K-12, libraries, health sciences, world languages, educational technology and software.


Their ability to connect with your customers drives revenue and facilitates the collection of valuable product and market intelligence.

  • 45 Employees
  • All College Graduates
  • Professional Backgrounds Coverage
  • Average Tenure of 5 Years
  • All Based in One Office
  • Experienced in your Industry
  • Specialized by Market

"I’ve had the same TSR team for over 4 years. When I attend industry shows, university representatives often ask me how Julie or Gretchen are doing. What they don't know is that Julie and Gretchen are TSR employees."

Michael Cunningham
Vice President

American College of

Health Care Executives