Who we are

Who we are…

Tributary Sales Resources was launched in 2002 by Bob McLaughlin to provide “just in time” telesales programs for publishing clients. Bob spent his entire career in the textbook publishing industry, including 4 years as a sales rep and 21 years as a sales manager.

For 17 years, Bob was a senior sales executive with companies like WH Freeman (Scientific American), Southwestern Publishing (Cengage) and McGraw Hill Higher Education. In each of those positions, he launched or expanded the organization’s telesales teams, influenced by the successful launch of his first telesales team in 1985, at the Wm. C. Brown Company in Dubuque.

Bob’s experiences at Freeman, Southwestern and McGraw Hill, convinced him that there was a clear need for a company who could provide telesales services to textbook companies. Over the past 12 years, TSR has expanded from 5 reps in 2002 to about 40 reps in 2014. The first TSR clients in 2002 were higher education publishers but TSR quickly expanded to represent publishers in K-12, the Library market, Med Schools and Law Schools, and the Career/Tech market.

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